BLE Module BLE5101 Support Master-Slave Coexistence & BLE 5.1 Protocol

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  • BLE5101 is a BLE module based on BLE 5.1 Protocol, coexistence of master and slave roles, small size, low power consumption, and the working signal frequency band is 2.4GHz.
  • The BLE5101 module is developed by Cooltech. The module supports the coexistence of master and slave roles, can connect to the master and slave at the same time, and can flexibly set the number of master and slave connections, and can support up to 20 connections. Maximum support for data transmission at 115200bps baud rate. The module uses AT commands to set parameters, and the operation is simple and easy to use. In addition, BLE5101 also has BLE Mesh function, which can be used with other modules to achieve mesh networking. Modules can be widely used in smart wear, smart home, automobiles, lighting, smart automation data collection, smart control, wireless sensing, electronic tags and other scenarios.
  • BLE5101 strictly uses lead-free technology for production and testing, and meets RoHS and Reach standards.
  • BLE5101 BLE module has obtained CE certification and FCC certification.

Features of BLE module BLE5101

  • Support Bluetooth BLE5.1 protocol
  • Support the coexistence of master and slave roles, and can connect multiple masters and slaves at the same time, up to 20 connections
  • Support 2 working modes of configuration and transparent transmission
  • Support over-the-air upgrade (OTA DFU)
  • Support multiple serial port parameter configuration
  • Support custom 16-bit UUID, including one Service UUID and two Characteristic UUID, which can be flexibly configured and compatible with similar BLE products
  • Support manual connection and automatic connection 2 connection methods
  • The maximum MTU is 247 bytes
  • Support custom 16-bit UUID, including one Service UUID and two Characteristic UUID
  • Maximum communication distance 150m (10dBm, 1Mbps)
  • Support custom modification of the local mac address
  • Support mac address binding, up to 8 devices (regardless of master and slave)
  • Support low power sleep


Applications of BLE module BLE5101

  • Wireless meter reading wireless sensor
  • Smart home
  • Industrial remote control, telemetry
  • Smart buildings, smart buildings
  • Automated data collection
  • Health sensor
  • Smart wearable device
  • Smart robot
  • Wireless sensing
  • Electronic tags
  • Intelligent control