2pcs/lot SK108 Long distance 2 miles 4 channels 433MHz Radio Control Switch for Smart Irrigation Control System

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  • 2pcs four-path 433MHz remote control switch SK108
  • 2pcs pigtail antenna SW433-xp1m  

 If you need another frequency band 470 /868 /915MHz, just leave message please!

SK108 is a industrial wireless four-path remote control switch module, it provides maximum four-path signal input and maximum four-path control output. It features a simple interface and reliable performance. Using this module, user can replace wired environment with the wireless module,significantly reducing the cost and save much time.


Product Details:

SK108-3km distance





*3000M transmission distance
*16 predefined channel
*Band of 433 ,470, 868, 915MHz for option
*Parameters can be configurated
*GFSK modulation mode
*Antenna automatic matching and two-way switch control
*Sensitivity up to 121 dBm
*Maximum output power: 1 W
*Voltage signal alarm
*Working voltage 9 ~ 18 V
*Working temperature range: - 40 ~ + 85 ° C



*Remote control switch control                            
*Home automation remote sensing
*Building automation and security
*Security system
*Wireless remote telemetry
*Entrance guard system


Mechanical demensions: