RF Module SV611 - 433MHz RS485 Interface Wireless RF TX/RX module x 2 PCS

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  • 2pcs 433MHz RS485 Interface Wireless rf tx/rx module SV611
  • 2pcs elbow rod antenna SW433-WT100
  • 1pcs USB bridge board SU108-485

SV611 is highly integrated radio data transceiver module. It adopts high performance Silicon Lab Si4432 RF chip. Si4432 has low reception sensitivity and 100mW output power to ensure longer RF range and high link quality. SV611 supports multiple channels and Net ID to enhance the anti-interfere ability. Users can configure the parameters through PC or in circuit. The features of small packet, long distance, wide working voltage and setting in circuit make SV611 wildly deployed in many fields and applications. 


*1400m RF line-in-sight 
distance @ 1.2kbps    
*Frequency options:433/470/868/915 MHz
*40 channels                                
*4 bytes network ID
*2 bytes node ID                           
*Multiple data transfer rate
*RSSI output field strength                 
*GFSK modulation mode
*Support Serial port parameter setting      
*Sensitivity up to -121 dBm
*Maximum output power: 100 mW              
*Operating Voltage 2.8 ~ 6.0 V
*Automatically antenna matching and bi-directional switch control

*Remote telemetry                       
*Auto meter reading
*Security Systems                       
*Data logger
*Home automation telemetry              
*Personal data records
*Wireless data communications           
*Building automation and security
*Healthy Monitoring                     
*Wireless PC peripherals
*Access Control System

*Robot control





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