2pcs / lot - New generation walkie talkie module SA818 with UHF 400 ~ 480 MHz / VHF 134 ~ 174MHz audio module RDA1846S chip

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  • 2pcs UHF Walkie Talkie Module SA818


 If you need  VHF(134 ~ 174 MHz)  frequency, just leave message please. 


SA818 is a low cost but high performance integrated walkie talkie module.With built-in high performance microcontroller, narrow band rf transceiver and standard UART interface it can be easily used and succeed all the walkie talkie function with good quality voice and long distance transmission. Users only need to connect external audio amplifiers, microphone or speaker with this module ,then it can work as a small walkie talkie with 1W output. In open area, it can easily achieve 3.5-5Km communication. Simplified interface and ultra small size make this module a wide range of applications, also can conveniently embed into various handheld devices,to improve the comprehensive performance of end products.


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*Frequency: 400 ~ 480 MHz (UHF) /  134~174MHz (VHF)  for option

*Tx and Rx frequency, Tx and Rx CTCSS,CDCSS can be set alone.

*Band width 12.5/25KHz

*Output power up to 1 w

*Transmission distance up to 3.5 to 5 km in Open area

*Sensitivity: - 124 dBm

*Small size

*Built-in EEPROM, data kept unchanged even powered off

*38 CTCSS 

*166 CDCSS 

*8 level squelch

*8 adjustable volume

*high/ low power is optional (500 mw)-1w

*wide range of working voltage 3.3 to 5.5 V

*1 ppm KDS TCXO crystal



*small walkie talkie 

*Invisible intercom system 

*Sport products 

*building community security system

*audio surveillance system



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